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Webcase preview

Webcase preview: Tracday.com
Lead programmer: Raitis Gorbacevics

Client’s goal of the project.

Development of lightweight workout tracking app and dedicated website, that works significantly faster than any other workout app on iOS and Android, and is delivered with great user friendly interface. Apps have to send sport activity data to dedicated website, that is used like data analyzation tool and social interaction hub. Data has to be synchronised constantly and service has to be available 24/7.

1. Wireframing.

After discussing whole idea of the product, team had to come up with functionality wireframe and technical solution for sophisticated service, that is going to be globally accessible and work on two platforms - Android at start, and iOS following after Android’s launch.

2. Design development.

Design developer and UI/UX expert went through iterative development process to define and create Tracday’s design and data workflow, that coincide with client’s needs for both website and apps. Android is known for it’s broad range of different supported resolutions, that had to be taken in mind and also developed in detail.

3.1. Website development.

Due to sophisticated nature of the project, content management system (backend) had to be programmed ground up, and frontend design applied according to newest usability trends. Needless to say - website is supported by all internet browsers.

3.2. Android app development.

Simultaneously with website development, part of the team focused on the Android app, that had to launch same time website was finished. When team reached this goal successfully, Tracday service was ready for launch and gain it’s first users.

4. iOS app development.

When Android app had tested user feedback and service had reached client’s popularity milestone of 3 000 downloads, work on iOS app could start. It was not long till app was ready and launched and Tracday gained thousands of new users.

5. Support.

Ever since Tracday has been launched, team supports service by continuously upgrading it’s functionality and maintaining technical support. Due to high quality of the project, not much of involvement in technical support area is required.

Our sevices

Custom web and app project development:


Website, intranet, web application and mobile application wireframes and prototyping, concept development.

Custom Front end development.

Semantic HTML structure built according to the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript APIs with graceful degradation) and accessibility guidelines.

Custom Content Management System (CMS) development.

Custom made content management system (CakePHP+MySQL) that supports client’s business-specific needs and requirements.

Web applications for iOS and Android devices.

Integration with Apple Appstore and Google Play store via "wrapper" applications.

Intranet system development.

Custom made web systems for using within small or large enterprises.

Responsive design.

Adaptive layout design and development for mobile, tablet and desktop viewports. Support for hiDPI (Retina) devices for images and fonts.

Design element library for websites and applications.

Documentation of re-usable website and application design elements (buttons, forms, layout, colors, menus).

WordPress and other customisable solutions:

WordPress development and consulting.

Complete website design and development using WordPress as a CMS. Consulting on best approach and practices for feature design and implementation. An example of WordPress development Public procurement portal in Latvia Iepirkumi24.lv

WordPress theme design and development.

Turn any design into a fully functional website ensuring great performance and ease of administration using only the latest WordPress development standards and best practices.

WordPress plugin design and development.

For adding new functionality of any complexity or integration with another service.

E-commerce store design and development.

Complete online store built with WordPress and WooCommerce with custom design. Optional integration with existing payment gateways and stock management systems.

Auditing and performance:

Search engine optimization (SEO) and audit.

On-site (technical) SEO: Semantic and optimized HTML, well organized site structure and navigation, meta information, XML sitemaps, open graph, Google authorship, performance. Off-site (inbound) SEO: report on incoming links, search engine rankings, keyword relevance, presence in social networks, etc.

Website performance audit.

Report on frontend and backend performance with detailed suggestions for improvements. Server optimization and setup for high-availability websites and applications.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup

for faster delivery of static assets such as images, photos, scripts and styles.

Website accessibility and usability.

Audit and development to ensure website and application conformity to the latest content accessibility and usability standards.

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