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  • E-learning content development services.

Novitus has more than seven years of experience in elearning development, we constantly follow new tendencies in e-learning sphere, therefore we will be able to help you develop e-learning strategy for your enterprise, as well as suggest optimal solution for fast and cost-effective training by using e-learning tools.

Our approach looks like this:

  • We start the project with creating project specification , which is done together with client. Then we develop a pilotproject of 2-5 slides – how the course could look like
  • Next is storyboard and script of the course, storyboard includes rough contents of the course, and script includes full texts and picture descriptions
  • Then the design and integration part, when the course is actually built
  • Finally user test and after necessary changes are done the course is Ready!

Process Image

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E-learning case preview

Compliance Baltic is a newly established training company specialising in compliance training regarding anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML &CTF) laws. Compliance Baltic wanted to develop two off-the-shelf interactive and visually appealing e-learning courses for training third party employees.

Novitus was a design, e-learning pedagogy and technical partner, we worked with client’s initial scripts in powerpoint and transformed them into e-learning scripts, with interactivity and user engagement in mind. Novitus built both e-learning courses, providing design and recording professional voice over for both of them. Courses were built with client needs in mind, they use simplified terminology and interactive content to ensure user involvement throughout the learning process.

Additionally we created the logo, website and installed Moodle for tracking user progress. A true full cycle e-learning project from powerpoint and expert knowledge to new logo, website, LMS and two off-the-shelf courses sold online. We were happy to participate in this project, see project demo below (in Latvian).

Our services

Custom e-learning content development:

Custom content development.

We develop courses in Lectora, Articulate, Captivate, Flash and other authoring tools. Our courses consist of video & audio materials, interactive quizes & exercises, as well as different types of test assignments. Even if existing authoring tools do not provide options you need, we probably can find a solution with a bit of custom programming. We can also do professional sound or video recording.

Rapid course development.

When there is a need for quick rollout of courses, we can offer rapid development as well. Firstly we create a template package, and then we reuse templates in different parts of the courses, to create courses faster. Recently we also developed an online marketplace for e-learning templates where anyone can purchase ready made template packages.

Mobile e-learning

Would you like to develop a mobile learning course, that works well on iPads, iPhones, Android and all other mobile devices? We can help with that too. Please contact us if you would like to see examples.

Screencasts and simulations.

Captivate, Camtasia and other tools can be used to create beautiful simulations and screencasts. So that users learn how to work with a software, or internal system, or be trained to do any other task, that needs to be done with a computer or mobile device.


We are based in Latvia, therefore we can offer localisation of courses to Baltic languages - Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, as well as Russian.

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