We're an outsourcing company that excels at E‑learning and WEB development


We work with all major e-learning course authoring tools, we have extensive experience with Lectora, Captivate, Storyline & Articulate.

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Web development

We develop websites as well as complex IT systems. Extensive experience with: PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap etc.

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  • Coca Cola Enterprises

    Justin Whayman (Coca Cola Enterprises)

    "Novitus have delivered a quality and professional design solution adhering to brand and style guidelines. The service received has exceeded expectations, and was delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. Coca-Cola Enterprises hopes to collaborate with Novitus again in the very near future"

  • Activemind Solutions

    Gulliver Gray (Activemind Solutions)

    "We are happy about our cooperation with Novitus, as these guys have proven to be professionals, with their high quality and on time deliveries. Their service has beaten our value for money expectations, so we are exploring our options to use them more."

  • Lexicon Interactive

    Tobias Sjöqvist (Lexicon Interactive)

    "Lexicon Interactive have used Novitus e-learning solutions as a subcontractor for approximately 1 year. Novitus have proven that they can deliver elearning assignments in good quality and on time. Lexicon Interactive is pleased with Novitus performance and can recommend Novitus as an outsourcing partner."


Always deliver more than expected.

Larry Page, Co-founder, Google

About Novitus

Born global, made in Latvia. Novitus is the first specialized e-learning company in Latvia, offering market leading solutions for more than 6 years. Novitus is also offering web development services. Our core competency is front end development, starting from wireframing and graphic design up to wordpress and mobile app development and consulting.

We are a learning organisation, continuously striving for excellency in all parts of our work, our work ethics, level of design and programming solutions as well as quality assurance in everything we do are the three integral components on which we base our growth.

Novitus has an international focus and therefore our main customer groups are e-learning and web development companies abroad, for whom we work as a reliable outsourcing partner. Our programmers and designers have worked on projects in more than 10 languages. Our main customers work in Sweden, Norway and UK. Domestically we work with largest government and private sector organisations, for whom we do full cycle of custom made e-learning and web developments.

Our team is made from 8 professionals, depending on project’s scope we are involving more flash animators, designers, web developers or sound recording specialists.

  • Efficiency

    The main factor which we take into account when developing elearning solutions is to make sure elearning fulfills the task the client has defined. Therefore we start by setting goals of elearning and then we carefully examine possible solutions and offer client various options.

  • Interactivity

    Many scientific researches have shown that people only remember a fraction of information they read, only 50% of information they see or hear, and about 90% of information which they learn by doing. Therefore we work hard to ensure maximum learner interactivity.

  • Ease of usage

    We realise that our products are sometimes used by people who don’t use computer in their daily work, therefore we pay attention to making sure our elearning programs are easy to grasp and convenient to use, so that students can fully concentrate on learning process.

If you can't feed a team with two pizzas, it's too large.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Core team


CEO, Sales & Administration — passionate startup person, one of three founding fathers of Novitus. Firm believer in e-learning as a future of education. Addicted to sports and travelling.


Leader of e-learning course development team. Technology geek with a romantic soul. Capable of coming up with the most amazing solutions at the most critical times.


Developer with interest and excitement about almost everything. Loves books and computers; wants to make the world a better place.


Graphic designer with a great respect to trends in design. Believes that thorough research and up to snuff time management is a key to success. Passionate about board games. AC/DC forever!


E-learning Project Manager who likes changes and has a neverending wishlist of things yet to learn. Believes in the good in people.


Definately got some kicks in football, eats a lot, super fast in developing e-learning courses. Creates indie playlists on her free time. A surfer since last summer.


Laid back. Champion at doing nothing and everything over the weekend. Our newest addition to the tribe, paid his dues when joining. Knows his ways around bars and restaurants. Huge potential in becoming e-learning developer of the month. Yes we have this trophy.

Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.

Angelo Sotira, Co-founder, DeviantArt


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